What should a guy read…

In need of something really awesome and new. No more short story collections. I need something I can really dive into and absorb for a few weeks. Suggestions?



3 thoughts on “What should a guy read…

  1. Can you give a short list of books you particularly enjoyed? You haven’t written enough posts for me to get a sense of what you’d like.

    I also want to offer some quick praise. So many people want to write and be read, but few want to read anything themselves. They think it’s pointless… go figure. It bodes well for your future endeavors.

    • Short list: Blood Meridian, The Lazarus Project, Father and Son, The Shipping News, The Virgin Suicides, The Savage Detectives, Jesus’ Son, Angels. There are many more, but there are a few.

      I agree. Too many people want to write and don’t read – and don’t actively seek out – new and edgy or classic or respected stuff. I want to get my hands on everything, even if it’s outside my normal comfort zone of reading.

  2. The author you’re looking for is Edgar Hilsenrath. Translated copies of his books can be found on Amazon.

    I specifically recommend:

    “The Story of the Last Thought,” which is probably his most famous work… I believe it won him a major award. It’s a fictional (and darkly humorous) account of the Armenian genocide in Turkey. The version I see on Amazon says 466 pages, but the pages must be huge and the print small. The copy I own is more like 700-800 pages.


    “The Nazi and the Barber” This (somewhat shorter and also darkly humorous) novel has the most outrageous (yet successful) plot twist I’ve ever seen in a novel. If you pick this book, don’t read the back cover or any online plot summaries. You really want to be surprised by this one. At the novel’s start, there are two young friends in Nazi Germany. One is Jewish with blond hair and blue eyes. The other is not Jewish but he looks stereotypically Jewish. About 90% of the novel takes place after the Nazis lose the war; that’s all I’ll tell you.

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