Finally submitted a bunch of stuff (mostly poems) over the last few days. They’re not poems I’m super satisfied with – as I do not write poetry as my main genre – but I want to see something happen to them. Otherwise, they’re taking up space. The question is: are they really just taking up space?

For whom and why do I write? HTML Giant recently had a post about this very question that I think is pretty intriguing.

There are many reasons I write. Writing is supposed to be this lonely, self-satisfying thing on some level, but I think we all, too some extent, write so that others will someday see our work. Even if we’re not actively trying to publish, we still want someone to connect with what we do.

NOTE: Sent out six poetry submissions over two days, and two short story submissions. Already received one rejection less than 48 hours after submitting.


5 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I have a list of agents, small publishers, and publishers that accept short stories on my blog, but I’ve seen so much great poetry on wordpress! I’ll see what I can do to put a list together of agents and pubs who handle it. It’s probably nothing you dont already know, but maybe I can dig up something useful.

  2. Small Presses and Magazines That Accept Poetry
    Filed under: New Author Resources by angiewest — Leave a comment August 16, 2011 A comprehensive database of over 600 magazines and journals that accept poetry submissions (and short story and essay pieces too!). From everything that I was able to dig up, (Poets and is a credible and well-respected site. Why I like this site? Everything is linked and easy to search/easy to read. You get a blurb about the magazine, electronic and simultaneous submission policy, and reading period all from You can also connect to other writers, read the top ten topics, and research small presses that accept poetry submissions. A must see. Over 200 small presses are listed here in detail and from the looks of it, all of them accept poetry submissions. (As well as a variety of non fiction and fiction).

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