The Abyss

The post-graduation era after an MFA program feels like some post-Apocalyptic wasteland. Not because there’s no more cushy funding. Nor because I can’t spend 3 hours/day working on work, then spend the rest of the day doing whatever. Not because it allowed me to not get a “real job.”

It feels like an abyss because, hey, who the eff knows what you do after the MFA? No more workshops, no more built-in network of support for your work. What does one do? How do you come out of the MFA and force yourself to work at a higher level, with a greater editorial mindset, and PRODUCE?

There are ideas like brainworms burrowing inside my head. They need to be let loose.

Maybe I’m using the upcoming black hole (I’m being pretty melodramatic, it seems) as an excuse not to write. Writers do that, right?

Get to work, Justin. Get to work, write like a motherfucker.


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