31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 4

One story down last night, a short little thing, a thing I think feels pretty brutal. Less than 200 words.

What is it about October, I wonder, that makes it the best month to write during? The fall? Is there a science-thing about the fall that makes our brains active? I wonder.

This story’s about suicide dogs. I’ll let you interpret that how you will.

Still a day behind, though. There was a debate last night. I guess the amount of nonsense I tweeted amounted to at least a few new pieces. That means 2 stories today. But, still. That I’ve lasted this long (I know, I know) is surprising to me. That’s two new pieces in 4 days. I know you’re counting.

Time to get to work. Keep it up, folks. Write like a motherfucker.


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