31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 5

I’ll admit that I’m a bit surprised in myself. I’ve kept this experiment going for the first four days, with four pieces now completed (drafted). All caught up.

It occurs to me that one piece of feedback I might consider is that, hey, why don’t I just write every day in October and be content with that and maybe put together a larger project? A novel, perhaps? The novel is king. Or, something. What’s the point of maybe rushing 31 pieces simply to say, guess what, I have 31 new pieces?

I think the point to be able to exercise the creative muscle, to force the brain to work harder than I normally do, to force myself to work on establishing new connections. They say approaching problems in new ways establishes new synapses or whatever, so maybe that’s it. Getting the brain to work overtime, to get it to focus. To really make it work. It’s not about output. I mean, it is (the project name implies that). But. I think it’s more about challenging one’s self, challenging creativity.

Story 3: alligators, monsters, Florida, superstition

Story 4: loneliness, adolescence, boys, fire


3 thoughts on “31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 5

  1. What you are doing sounds similar to a project I plan on starting.

    I want to write one Novella a week (about 6k to 10k words per story).

    I plan on using this years NaNoWriMo as a springboard to help get me started. And then I will carry the experiment on through for 12 weeks (till about the end of Jan).

    Have you done much outlining with your stories, or have you written them more ‘in the moment’?

  2. Yay for you, Justin! And, maybe you are writing your novel in all this. Maybe, come November you’ll go back, re-read, and say, “Hey! This is some baller shit. This is my novel!” Keep up the productivity!

    • Thanks, dude! There’s a lot of “novel” in the stuff I’m writing this month, I am finding. That Aaron Burr thing could easily be a novel. So could this matador piece. Of course, there’s still that Nebraska cowboy historical fiction thing lurking in my brain.

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