31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 7

Getting a bit behind again. Too tired last night after work and putting together Sundog Lit Issue One (shameless plug) to get anything going. Also, writing in bed is not the best idea, because BED.

Two pieces today. Make it happen.

Elizabeth Faucett, a commenter elsewhere on this site, mentioned something about having a novel come out of all this, and I think that’s a good point to the whole why of this project.

In the first few days, I talked about the main reason for this whole thing being just to writewritewrite like crazy and see if anything great came of it, to see if October really is the month to write in, to see what came out of my brain if I just forced it to be productive all month long.

What I think is cool is that, yeah, there might be a novel to come out of this. And, I’ve been really thinking in novel terms lately. There’s this cowboy thing I started as my MFA thesis years ago. While it’s terrible, I’m sure, now, and I wouldn’t revive what’s there, the subject/premise of it, has to be returned to eventually. It’s gnawing at my brain. Also, I think more and more that I’m more of a novelist.  A nice rejection letter recently said that each of the stories I sent felt too big, like they couldn’t be contained by the “flash” form I’d put them in. There’s something to that, maybe.

I’ve been so in love with the flash form recently, though, that I really just love focusing on these right now. Maybe November is novel month. For now, though, October is all about the short-shorts.



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