31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 8

Some days, this thing just ain’t going to go the way I want. After a couple hours staring at my computer, reading some Amber Sparks and Aaron Teel and Matt Bell, running out to get beer, eating some pasta, watching delightful young women make cupcakes on the Food Network, I wrote nada. No sparks of inspiration, no lines waiting to be fleshed out. Nothing.

Then, I stumbled upon a Missed Connections on Craigslist (yeah, yeah, I know) that lit something up. Wrote 500 words. Not good words, mind you, but there’s something there. It’s a “finished” story. Needs revision like a hundred-year-old house needs renovation, but a Twitter friend yesterday said that you can revise 500, you can’t revise 0. So, yeah, it’s something.

Story 7: Missed family reunions

Also, received new publication notices in the last week from Recess Magazine and from Monkeybicycle, which is publishing the very first piece I wrote as part of this project, about Aaron Burr and wolves and revolutions.

Here’s to two more pieces today. I feel like there’s a flash nonfiction piece brewing inside. I really want a new NF piece. It’s been since May. Come on, now.


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