31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 9

There are going to be days like this.

Nada yesterday. Not a word. Some days it just won’t come. Was supposed to write 2 pieces yesterday and it didn’t happen. Far behind. Way, way behind.

Got to write two pieces today, two tomorrow to catch up.

I think that’s the main drawback to this sort of thing. You have to constantly have stuff to work on. 31 pieces of new material is hard to come by. There’s the question of focus. There’s the question of trying  to do too much. Why not just focus on writing two really good stories this month instead of 31 mediocre ones? It’s all in the process, though. In what comes out of all of this. It’s not testing the “October is the only month you should writing during” theory so much as it is a test of endurance, of dedication (which I lacked yesterday – watching Monday Night Raw instead). It’s about making sure to use the time wisely (I almost wrote “wildly,” which also, kind of, fits).

Here’s hoping something gets put down today. Here’s to turning 31 in the midst of this 31/31 project.


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