31 Stories, 31 Days | Day 14

Wanted to write something for Safety Pin Review for a while – and I was thinking all day about what to send them – so I sat down and put together three pieces tonight. If you don’t know them, they’re this cool mag that publishes little stories of 30 words or less. Published stories are then painted on a patch and worn around town – attached via safety pin – by an operative somewhere as they go about their day. Pretty stellar.

These 3 stories catch me up for the month. Wanted to put together these three pieces not just because because I’d really like to be a part of SPR, but to also get the juices flowing, so to speak, for this longer piece on Andrew Jackson and swamps and alligators.

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of this project. Still surprised that I’m in it, still writing new stuff daily.

Also, a cheap plug: the magazine I manage, Sundog Lit, just released our first issue, featuring such wonderful folks as Lindsay Hunter, Aaron Teel, Ryan Werner, Bianca Diaz, Matthew Gavin Frank, and others. So stoked to have this great issue up and ready for you folks. People are loving it. Here’s to many, many more.


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