Finishing a novel. Working on a collection of apocalyptic fictions.

A Disappearance — (b)oink

Ghost Bride — Wigleaf

The Dead are Not Hungry — SmokeLong Quarterly

This Life and What Comes After—Corium

Hanging Man, as Seen From the Water — Queen Mob’s

How to Spend Your Time Before the Renegade Planet Makes it All Go Dark—Cheap Pop

from Smoke, Smoke, Smoke

Bones and Bones and Ever More Bones — Small Po[r]tions

A Thing Built to Fly is Not a Promise — Pithead Chapel

But an Elegy — Juked

The Dead, The Dead//The Doomed King//Men Kill Men Kill Men Kill Men — Revolution John 

The Heart is a Machine — The Mondegreen

Neon Electric Butterflies — Gone Lawn 17

This is Conquest — Joyland

Dust to Return — Lockjaw

Destroyer//Scorcher//In Every Room, A Prayer — Noble/Gas Quarterly

Impostor — Yemassee

The Patron Saint of Falling Down — Apeiron Review

By Fire or By Flood — Atlas and Alice

What World We Build After All That’s Burned Away — fwriction review

—contribution to Lockjaw’s Let Us Choose to Adventure

Anywhere in the World if You Don’t Want To – matchbook

Security – Big Lucks

That’s Where You Should Begin – Burrow Press Review

No Matter How Far Apart – Atticus Review

Close to the Life Left Behind – Spork (forthcoming)

All That Ugly Can Be Brought Back – WhiskeyPaper

The Book of Sky, the Book of Fire – Wyvern Lit

Bones – Whiskey Island Sixty-Four

Tempt Your Retribution Tonight – Cheap POP

Not For Sale – Dragnet

Most Men Forget – The Collapsar

Who Would Seek to Inherit the Greatest Kingdom – Unshod Quills

Lizard-Boy Tales

All That Soon Shall Come to Pass – Alice Blue Review

This City of Oil-and-Wire – apt

–“The Boneyard” – Knee-Jerk

–“Nothing Out There to Save You” – The Collagist

–“The Dream of Snakes” – Wigleaf (forthcoming Spring 2013)

–“The Molting” – Necessary Fiction

–“The Return of Crows” – Whole Beast Rag

–“How the World Could Have Been” – Metazen

Ghost Food – Squalorly

All This Roadmap of Hurt” – Hobart (web) (forthcoming)

“Break Apart the Whole Damned Earth” – Vector Press

fishkill” – Little Fiction (forthcoming Spring 2013)

Notes” – theNewerYork

“Monkey, Last Exotic Animal, Still At Large in Detroit” – Bluestem

“Whatever Don’t Drown Will Always Rise” – Heavy Feather Review

Mermaids” – Gigantic Sequins – Winner of the 2012 Gigantic Sequins Flash Fiction Contest 

Skin” – A-Minor –

“Monsters” – NANO Fiction

Animals” & “Destruction Myth” – NAP Magazine

“All the Way Down Below” – The MacGuffin

Here: the Invisible Man…:Notes on a Letter Written in Invisible Ink” – Treehouse Lit Mag

Why the Deeds of Men” – Monkeybicycle

“How to Win at Competitive Eating” – Recess Magazine

Suicide Dogs” – DOGZPLOT

“The Scarecrow” – Midwestern Gothic – 2012

“Theories on the Possibility of Time Travel – decomP

Heart Punch” – HOUSEFIRE – August 2012

“Evil Sun,” “Old Baby Blue,” and “Who Do You Believe Will Save You Now?”Whiskey Paper

“The Lobster Queen” – LITnIMAGE – Spring 2012

Blood” – SmokeLong Quarterly – March 2012 + interview with Karen Kay Craigo (online)